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Pat Isorho Eleto, President/Founder, Inclusive Women Intl.

Pat Isorho Eleto, President/Founder, Inclusive Women Intl.

As you browse through this site, you will find information about our history, programs, values and information on how to become a Committee member or a volunteer. We hope you find this website easy to navigate, and that it ignites your curiosity and desire to engage in the work of bringing domestic violence to an end.

Since 2012, Inclusive Women International has offered survivors of domestic abuse comprehensive services, tailored to meet their individual needs. Browsing through our history, you will see a lot has changed over the years. Inclusive Women International. Has experienced a shifting the way it is been funded and programmed. Also Inclusive women have undergone changes in leadership, and exponential growth.

The past few years have been amongst the most transformative in our history. We have taken a dual approach to serving survivors; both directly and working collaboratively with other community organizations located in Lagos Nigeria and UK to enable advocates to assist survivors, create and strengthen networks of social change.

The success of this membership based system lays, in part, on the collaborative approach of over 15 members. In the coming years, we seek to scale this system state-Nationwide. This system helps advocates to better assist survivors as they look for support with one to one, coaching, therapy, and legal help, As a result, advocates have been given more time to spend with survivors, offering peer counselling, safety planning and emotional support.

We are proud of our work and the services we provide to work towards bringing violence in our community to an end, this could not be done without the help of our supporters.


As community member there are many different ways and opportunities of providing support to our organization. You can GET INVOLVED in various ways.

Browsing through the site, you will find stories of how impactful, empathic and comprehensive our services are for domestic violence survivors. Please support these life-changing services by making a donation today. I assure you that no matter how small the amount, your support is pivotal in helping us sustain our services to survivors.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to learn about IW Intl. Please remember to visit our website, read our blog posts, learn about upcoming events, and the impact of our programs.

I hope you join our committed and enthusiastic group as we work towards the goal of bringing an end to domestic violence.

Best Regards,

Pat Isiorho-Eleto


Inclusive women International /Global Organization

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