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Domestic violence does not know race, religion or status. It affects every “level” in the society.
I have come across one too many cases of DV. The most alarming is the increase in the rate of domestic violence among couples aged 25- 40; one would expect that young couples these days who are said to marry “for love” will have minimal to nonexistent incidences of violence and more understanding because they are meant to learn from the mistakes of their parents and all that. But reverse is the case.

The sad part of this is where a victim of domestic violence reports the incident at the Police Station, she is told things like: “return home and beg your husband”, “madam na family matter” “madam if you cook for him he won’t beat you” “madam you too stop talking too much” amongst other disgusting statements from the men and women who have sworn to protect its citizens. Where do our police officers get this idea that domestic violence is not an important matter? It is a case that involves threat to life, child neglect and sometimes, death of a victim as seen in DV cases in Nigeria.

Blog by Pat Eleto

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