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Ann met him in college. At first he was sweet, the best boyfriend she could ask for. They were 18. The physical abuse didn’t start until years later, when she as 21 years. He hated fighting. He would never be aggressive to any one, except to Ann. It started without reason. He’d misunderstood what she said. He thought she was using seeing a man she met at work. He assumed she has been sexual with him. Her partner came running at her in front of their young baby. He pushed Ann into a corner, the baby was watching. He broke Ann ribs, and damaged her organs.

He physically, sexually and emotionally abused Ann and blamed Ann. She actually believed him.

It was the first time anything like that had happened to her. She was scared. He kept telling her to stand up, or he’d kick her. Then he’d dragged her up just to put her down again. He was much bigger than Ann. The first time Ann said to herself that she would be that angry if she thought he was cheating, but it soon didn’t become about the mistake. He partner pushed aside the mistake and said it was Ann’s fault for even speaking to another man.

After that he watched Ann none stop around the clock. Ann had an operation to give birth to their baby and he would punch her where it was tender. Ann doesn’t know why she didn’t leave. She really felt like t was her fault. She couldn’t go the hospital because she would have to leave her daughter there. She couldn’t tell the police, there were things going on that could have made it worse with police involvement. She had every hope that he would change. She didn’t tell anyone just in case they removed him from her life. Ann should have told him to leave from the first punch. At the first sign of violence you should get out of that relationship. Once they hit you, they’ll do it again.

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