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Your Life is put on pause for a while, you become someone you are not (that could be while you are in an abusive situation) but once that is over, your real you emerge. When that happens never let anyone take that real you away again, live your life under your own terms. Same time never have any expectations from anyone because you are not on earth to live to anyone’s expectations. Become emotionally free.

It’s sad but in a strange way comforting to know I’m not “the only fool, the “crazy girl friend” or the “victim” . I survived hell and I’m still fighting for my freedom. His manipulation and his “tricks” I will not be fooled again I’m stronger, better and wiser I am no longer a victim I am a survivor!

It took me 15 years before I finally let go of my first marriage. I was so committed it nearly ended my life. I was taught to stay married, God did not like divorce…well, you know what? I found out God doesn’t like abuse, doesn’t like His children being beaten down until they don’t even know who they are or who they were created to serve…God not man.

I finally stood up, took back control of my life, all on shaky legs…but, I did it. I fell down a few times, got back up more times, kept talking to others, stopped talking to my abuser, spent time with family, worked hard, lived with nothing for a while but I had my kids and my dignity…I tell you, it was the most painful and difficult times of my life…and, looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I survived and now I am on a mission to encourage, help, support, and teach others. I am here if you need me…just reach out..we have your hands. Stand tall my warrior sisters..there is still so much work to be done and united we can accomplish so much more. Hang in and hang on!


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