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Inclusive women is a non-profit charitable organisation focused on finding creative ways to make a difference in the lives of women, children and young people in the community .

Our aim to support the physical and mental health of individuals who have been affected by Domestic Abuse, by providing non-judgemental advice and support services.

We hope that individuals who access the project will eventually have the tools to ‘mentor’ others through practical application of the skills they will acquire from us.

Inclusive women is open to everyone in the community.

Mission Statement

  • To help with the awareness and care of women’s and young people emotional needs, Offering support, advice and help to any who asks for it.
  • To embark on development projects which address the causes of deviance, abuse, poverty and inequality among women, young people.
  • Our mission is to reduce the harm done by domestic violence and improve the safety, health and wellbeing of survivors and their children.
  • Our vision is to achieve practical and cultural change
  • Our mission is to work alongside charity organisations and private sector based in the United Kingdom, Europe & Africa on relevant issues towards charity projects.
  • We are committed to partnership working to ensure that all agencies respond effectively, appropriately and in a coordinated fashion to each incident of domestic violence; maintaining a focus on prevention and early intervention.

Vision Statement


A society in which families live free and safe from abuse, exploitation, objectification and discrimination.

We aim to challenge the status quo, and bring about a shift in the mindset of society through lobbying, campaigning, research, capacity building and awareness- rising.

Our aim is to restore confidence to female victims and their families; to assist them to be independent, give them the skills they need to take their rightful places back in society, contribute to the economy and the communities around them, and live a happy, fulfilled life.


  • To provide support, assistance and explore opportunities for the creation of a beneficial ‘forum’ whereby issues of concerns, such as domestic abuse, harassment, bullying and other related issues on women, young people and their families could be discussed without prejudice.
  • To provide support for women, young people and their families experiencing domestic abuse related issues.
  • To minimize the risk presented to those experiencing domestic violence and abuse and to increase the understanding of how best to offer help and support.
  • To raise awareness about the impact of domestic abuse upon women, young people and children. Also to raise awareness on the impact domestic violence has on their mental health


  • To provide support for young people experiencing harassment, stalking and cyber bulling.
  • To alleviate problems of relative deprivation isolation, social exclusion and society issues within targeted women.
  • To increase women’s ability to breakdown isolation, self blame, to take control of their lives, and to also recognise the beliefs held by abusive partners; also to increase women’s ability to recognise what steps they need to take to protect their children.
  • To develop and sustain a long lasting working partnership with the statutory and non-statutory agencies in the UK in order to help the target groups to make a significant improvement to their circumstances.
  • To collaborate with our partners and funders to improve the quality of life for women, children and young people in our communities.
  • To sign post women and young people to agencies in the community for support.
  • To facilitate the development skills for women and young people and their families and empower them to improve their life chances.